Some music theory from Paul Erlich

The Forms of Tonality

erlich-tFoT.pdf (408K)
Paper with in-line images (PDF).

Tuning, Tonality, and Twenty-Two-Tone Temperament

erlich-decatonic.pdf (289K)
Paper with in-line images (PDF). (256K)
Archive (ZIP) of paper (PDF) with appendix and figures as separate
(PNG) at their original resolutions.

Contributions to the alternate tunings mailing lists

2001.11.19 Error Heuristic
2001.08 Vos Curves (thread)
2001.07.28 MOS Hypothesis
2001.05.21 Friendly Guide To What We're Talking About
2000.10.05 The Geometry Of Triangular Plots
2000.08 Diadic Harmonic Entropy Minimizer (thread)
1999.10.04 Decatonic Scales As PBs
1998.07.17 Consistent And Unique
1998.07.07 Decatonic Scales In Partchian Terms
1997.12.15 Consistent And Accurate

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Harmonic Entropy
A short article by Paul at Sound of India.


Decatonic Swing
Music by Paul Erlich and Ara Sarkissian (MP3, ~ 3 MB).